IBM Cognos BI

Actual Facts with IBM Cognos BI:
Combining distinct reports together or reusing Report Studio pages across different reports has always been a challenge with IBM Cognos BI. Report generation is not optimised, leading to multiple execution for the same output, thus monopolising precious IT resources. Limited information is available to the recipient about the status of the report execution. Failed execution is simply abandoned, leaving the recipient clueless about what is happening. No parameter sharing is available across multiple reports.

Abirio Makes IBM Cognos BI Work:

 improve Improve Performance and Save Resources
Abirio is the most advanced report book generation and distribution application for IBM Cognos BI available on the market. Using advanced algorithms, Abirio eliminates multiple generation of the same report and combines the outputs to create personalised report books. The information is provided faster to the recipient while your company saves IT resources.
 check Leverage the Value of Existing Assets
Abirio creates report books based on existing Report Studio development. It reuses reports in multiple report books and prevents duplicating and maintaining many copies of a single report. Abirio distributes existing IBM Cognos BI reports to take advantage of the work you’ve already done in Report Studio. You can manage centrally global variables and apply them to multiple reports. Burst reports to an unlimited amount of business users.
 time Timely Information to the Right People
Abirio enables you to send personalised information on ad-hoc or scheduled basis. You always distribute the needed information through the appropriate channel at the right time because users are associated with specific filters and e-mail addresses. Reports can share a common parameter value to easily change a filter across many reports.
 improve Managed Report Execution
Abirio allows you to manage the report execution and gives you and the business user status information about the process. Abirio will execute failed reports again. Recipients are informed about issues and missing information. Abirio improves your IBM Cognos BI execution process.