Abirio is a report book generation and distribution solution. Abirio for Cognos BI is based on the IBM Cognos Business Intelligence solution. Developed by IBM Cognos BI experts and based on customer feedback, Abirio enhances the existing report functionalities and makes creating and distributing report books an easy process.

Report Books

Creating Report Books in Report Studio (RS) is linked to all kind of difficulties. Most of all, each page needs to be part of the same RS report. Using the same page across multiple report books means developing and maintaining the same page multiple times.

Abirio creates report books based on multiple RS reports and combines them in a single PDF file. As such, RS reports are maintained only once and reused in multiple report books.

Table of Content

A table of content (TOC) makes the difference between an average report and a great report. Abirio generates a TOC based on the combined RS reports. Since the TOC is defined in Report Studio, the layout can be defined to match the report book layout. Abirio also allows the creation of a cover page, also defined in Report Studio.


Distributing the right content at the right time is important. With Abirio you can create customized content (bursting) and manage the distribution process. Employees around the word receive their reports by email in a timely manner.

Optimized Report Creation

When bursting, Abirio optimizes the IBM Cognos BI report execution by only running the queries that are needed. Similar pages for all recipients are only executed once, thus saving time and resources.

Global Variables

Prompts and parameter values which are used across many reports can be defined centrally as a global parameter. Change the value of these global variables will affect all reports using them. As such, values for parameters like “Current Fiscal Month” or “Budget Year” are defined once for all reports.